Keeping Us All Safe

Let’s play human chess!

Keeping Us All Safe

So we will be limiting the number of people in the shop at any one time to 25 until further notice. We will also have tape on the floor at regular intervals to maintain everyone’s personal space – let’s play Human Chess!

♟ Please don’t shop or stand in the same part of the grid as anyone else (you are allowed to walk quickly through)

♟ Please complete your shopping within 15 minutes – ad don’t forget to have your shopping list ready

♟ Please don’t dawdle/chat/phone a friend while you are in the shop

♟ Please come in to the shop alone – accompanying children or family are not allowed

♟ Bring an umbrella and coat in case there is a queue at the door

♟ We will fast-track the elderly or wheelchair uses or those with limited mobility to the front of the queue (when there is one)

Here are the rules of the game:

There will be members of the team on hand to answer any questions at all times. Checkmate! 😉