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Best Vegan Protein Sources

Based on 72 reviews
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Paul SerryPaul Serry
01:45 19 Sep 23
Deepa ThukralDeepa Thukral
21:46 13 Sep 23
James MacGillivrayJames MacGillivray
20:34 10 Aug 23
These guys are the hub of Glastonbury for supporting local organic and sprayfree growers of fresh vegetables, fruits and other fringe items. They stock a big range of Riverford Organic produce delivered fresh from Devon. They've got the pantry sorted with everything you need from breakfast cereals, coffee, vegan milks, cows milk, chocolate to crisps, cheeses to Sauerkraut. We bought the vegetarian sausage rolls which were great. They have another savoury selection in the display fridge but don't warm them up for you - I tried eating the Potato cakes and they weren't good cold. I took them home and heated them up and were way better. They gave a deal going where you can buy 3 for 5 pounds which was pretty good value. The takeaway coffee was good - we ended up walking down the road to the church grounds and sat in there to munch on our goodies before hitting some of the crystal shops and clothing boutiques. It makes for a good day out when you can good coffee, organic food and chilled out vibes meandering around the streets of Glastonbury!
Richard SandwellRichard Sandwell
20:42 05 Aug 23
This place was great to buy nice local produce like the Pennard Organic Mead I enjoyed for Lammas. A great choice of natural soaps, lots of yummy foody treats, this is well worth a visit and a good browe.
Kate BullockKate Bullock
15:58 03 Jun 23
Amazing selection of wholefoods and other 'health' foods and supplements. One of the best wholefood shops in the south west
Free spiritFree spirit
10:34 26 May 23
This shop is increable.The staff are very helpful. I was given good advice regarding supplements.
Myra ChampeneyMyra Champeney
14:47 23 Mar 23
I love this shop and would have given 10 stars if I could! Very friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff, top quality food. I am sad that your Portishead store has closed as that was much nearer for me. I will now resume my fortnightly trip from Clevedon to your lovely shop. Thank you to all of you. Best wishes Myra.
02:09 02 Dec 22
This must be one of the biggest and if not one of the best organic food stores in the UK. A real beacon for Glastonbury.
bihag patelbihag patel
14:51 01 Dec 22
bought muldwine for a £2 very nice the chap was very friendly and so were all the staff and didn't feel ripped off as in bath.
Della WilmotDella Wilmot
09:39 30 Aug 22
Love it in here, staff are super friendly and there's a great selection of stuff at reasonable prices. Live in London but always make sure I come here when I am in Glastonbury to stock up on soaps, vegan chocolate and other lovely bits. The sausage rolls are fab too.
Joe HetheringtonJoe Hetherington
11:09 11 Sep 21
Amazing variety of products, alternatives and essentials. Was really cool just to browse actual vegan products rather than buying all online (we don't have anything similar to this where we live!) On top of that the samosa from the bakery at the back was to die for!
Lily-Ela ButlerLily-Ela Butler
09:42 29 Apr 21
Love this shop, I come here for a lot of my organic supplies. Great range of foods. I particularly like how they have a lot of ready to eat food aswell can highly recommend the Fritata. I also really like their range of toiletries, it's the only place I will buy my shampoo bars from, Great value compared to other brands. Very helpful and friendly staff too. It's good to see they are trying to follow covid guidelines, but there did seem to still be a lot of people especially families not wearing masks or distancing
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Discover the best plant-based protein sources from food you’ve probably already got in the cupboard!

These surprisingly common foods all add protein to your meal and debunk the myth that it’s hard to get protein from vegan sources.

Why is protein important?

Protein is essential for a well balanced diet and it keeps you feeling fuller for longer so it pays to have a decent amount in every meal. Protein is in our muscles, skin, heart, brain, eyes, hair and nails. Our immune system also needs protein to help fight infection as well as it playing a role in fat metabolism, energy and blood sugar.

How much protein do you need?

In the UK it’s recommended to eat 0.75g of protein per kg of body weight. In essence, an 80kg person should have 60g of protein per day. Aiming for two to three meals a day, each with 25–30g of high-quality protein should be sufficient for most adults. (Sources: British Nutrition Foundation and National Institutes of Health)

Good Quality


2-3 Protein Meals each day

Your Health

High protein vegan food

Whether you’re vegan, omnivore, or anything in-between, plant protein is great for you.

All of these values are for cooked food where appropriate and may vary from brand to brand.

  1. Chickpeas: 9g protein per 100g
  2. Lentils: 9g protein per 100g
  3. Green peas: 5g protein per 100g
  4. Veggie protein per 100g: sweetcorn 3.4g, broccoli 2.4g, asparagus 2.4g, Brussel sprouts 2.6g, kale, spinach,
  5. Nutritional yeast: 4g protein per tbsp.
  6. Oats: 13g protein per 100g
  7. Quinoa: 16.5g protein per 100g
  8. Buckwheat: 4.3g protein per 100g
  9. Nuts and seeds protein per 100g: hemp 30g, pumpkin 19g, sunflower 30g, chia 17g, flax 18g, almonds 21g, walnuts 15g, Brazil nuts 14g
  10. Peanut butter: 25g protein per 100g
  11. Tempeh: 18g protein per 100g
  12. Edamame: 11g protein per 100g
  13. Tofu: 17g protein per 100g

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