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Headaches, Itchy eyes, cough and runny nose… Is this you in Hayfever season?

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Paul SerryPaul Serry
01:45 19 Sep 23
Deepa ThukralDeepa Thukral
21:46 13 Sep 23
James MacGillivrayJames MacGillivray
20:34 10 Aug 23
These guys are the hub of Glastonbury for supporting local organic and sprayfree growers of fresh vegetables, fruits and other fringe items. They stock a big range of Riverford Organic produce delivered fresh from Devon. They've got the pantry sorted with everything you need from breakfast cereals, coffee, vegan milks, cows milk, chocolate to crisps, cheeses to Sauerkraut. We bought the vegetarian sausage rolls which were great. They have another savoury selection in the display fridge but don't warm them up for you - I tried eating the Potato cakes and they weren't good cold. I took them home and heated them up and were way better. They gave a deal going where you can buy 3 for 5 pounds which was pretty good value. The takeaway coffee was good - we ended up walking down the road to the church grounds and sat in there to munch on our goodies before hitting some of the crystal shops and clothing boutiques. It makes for a good day out when you can good coffee, organic food and chilled out vibes meandering around the streets of Glastonbury!
Richard SandwellRichard Sandwell
20:42 05 Aug 23
This place was great to buy nice local produce like the Pennard Organic Mead I enjoyed for Lammas. A great choice of natural soaps, lots of yummy foody treats, this is well worth a visit and a good browe.
Kate BullockKate Bullock
15:58 03 Jun 23
Amazing selection of wholefoods and other 'health' foods and supplements. One of the best wholefood shops in the south west
Free spiritFree spirit
10:34 26 May 23
This shop is increable.The staff are very helpful. I was given good advice regarding supplements.
Myra ChampeneyMyra Champeney
14:47 23 Mar 23
I love this shop and would have given 10 stars if I could! Very friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff, top quality food. I am sad that your Portishead store has closed as that was much nearer for me. I will now resume my fortnightly trip from Clevedon to your lovely shop. Thank you to all of you. Best wishes Myra.
02:09 02 Dec 22
This must be one of the biggest and if not one of the best organic food stores in the UK. A real beacon for Glastonbury.
bihag patelbihag patel
14:51 01 Dec 22
bought muldwine for a £2 very nice the chap was very friendly and so were all the staff and didn't feel ripped off as in bath.
Della WilmotDella Wilmot
09:39 30 Aug 22
Love it in here, staff are super friendly and there's a great selection of stuff at reasonable prices. Live in London but always make sure I come here when I am in Glastonbury to stock up on soaps, vegan chocolate and other lovely bits. The sausage rolls are fab too.
Joe HetheringtonJoe Hetherington
11:09 11 Sep 21
Amazing variety of products, alternatives and essentials. Was really cool just to browse actual vegan products rather than buying all online (we don't have anything similar to this where we live!) On top of that the samosa from the bakery at the back was to die for!
Lily-Ela ButlerLily-Ela Butler
09:42 29 Apr 21
Love this shop, I come here for a lot of my organic supplies. Great range of foods. I particularly like how they have a lot of ready to eat food aswell can highly recommend the Fritata. I also really like their range of toiletries, it's the only place I will buy my shampoo bars from, Great value compared to other brands. Very helpful and friendly staff too. It's good to see they are trying to follow covid guidelines, but there did seem to still be a lot of people especially families not wearing masks or distancing
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Allergies develop when the immune system becomes over sensitive to environmental substances like pollen. It’s the immune system going into overdrive and releasing (histamine) in response to particles considered a threat.

Gut health, genetics and environmental challenges can all dictate how the immune system develops and responds.

Have no fear, we are here with a range of supplement, food and lifestyle tips that can help. Come and talk to our in store nutritionist and supplement advisors.

1 Reishi
A mushroom with anti-inflammatory action and has effects similar to those of hydrocortisone (but without its side effects). It contains triterpenes, which inhibit the release of histamine by mast cells with an anti- inflammatory action.

2 Quercetin 
Quercetin can reduce inflammation and high levels of histamine release. It has a natural affinity with the lungs and can reduce tightening of the airways in asthma attacks.

Blocks the activity of histamine and prevents the release of other damaging pro-inflammatory cytokines which are involved in inflammation and allergy progression.

Has anti-inflammatory and immune balancing properties. Taken away from food it can help to reduce the symptoms of a chronic blocked nose.

5Black seed oil
Thymoquinone, a phytochemical found in the seed oil may help in treating asthma and allergic rhinitis by reducing histamine levels.


  • Reduce exposure to environmental triggers by avoiding areas where there are high levels of pollen. Try a bit of Vaseline in your nose to catch pollen as you breathe in.
  • Support skin barrier function; poor skin integrity can drive conditions like eczema and can be exacerbated by a compromised skin microbiome.
  • Manage stress; stress can cause inflammation and deplete certain nutrients which help to degrade histamine. Find your own tried and tested ways of relaxing to decompress after a stressful day. Try the Headspace App on your phone or listen to relaxing music.
  • Improve sleep; sleep is a golden opportunity to rest and repair. Again the Headspace App can help here or Noisli the White Noise Sleep App. Or ask one of our supplement and well-being advisors for more information about sleep.

Dietary recommendations:

  • Remove allergenic foods; wheat, milk, eggs, soya, tree nuts, sulphites and shellfish can all be difficult to digest or tolerate for some people. Reduce Histamine rich foods such as cured meat and aged cheese and fermented foods. Include plenty of fruit and veg, fresh fish and meat in your diet.
  • Support the gut; inflammation in the gut can lead to intestinal permeability which in turn can lead to an up-regulated over reactive immune . Beneficial bacteria have been shown to modulate the immune system and reduce allergic responses. Increasing your intake of prebiotic foods will increase gut bacteria diversity and lead to improved barrier function.
  • Eat the rainbow; Make sure your diet is full of plants from across the spectrum of colours. In particular increase your intake of foods rich in B vitamins, Zinc, vitamin C and Quercetin (garlic, onion, apples and berries) which can help to reduce histamine in the body.
  • Reduce Inflammation; Minimise pro inflammatory foods such as processed foods, gluten containing grains, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol. Replace with a whole food diet rich in plant-based foods, omega 3 oils and nuts and seeds, all of which are anti-inflammatory and protective against immune dysfunction.
  • Ginger can slow down histamine production by reducing Immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. High IgE is involved in allergic responses
  • Omega-3 rich foods are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Sources include wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds.

Other helpful supplements

  • Magnesium reduces bronchial reactivity and can dilate airways to reduce constriction. It also helps to minimise the stress response, a known trigger and driver of allergies by detoxifying adrenaline and noradrenaline out of the body. Magnesium is also a cofactor involved in the production of the Diamine Oxidase (DAO), an enzyme which resides in your gut and mops up excess histamine. The DAO enzyme is also dependent on vitamins B6 and B12, iron, copper, zinc and vitamin C.
  • Pre and probiotics support a balanced microbiome which in turn can promote a balanced immune response.
  • Spirulina haș been shown to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, through the inhibition of Immunoglobulin E (IgE).
  • Propolis: Can reduce the release of histamine by mast and basophil cells which helps to reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Vitamin D is involved in regulating and balancing immune function. Research has shown an association between lower vitamin D serum levels, and allergies.
  • A multi vitamin containing active folate (methylfolate), B12 (methylcobalamin) and B6 (P5P) can support with methylation and therefore the breakdown of histamine.
  • Elderflower, nettle and plantain loose leaf tea can provide an excellent anti histamine and anti inflammatory brew to relieve symptoms.

Need help getting started…
Speak with one of our Health & Wellbeing advisors in-store.  


Important: if you have a health condition or are taking medication it is important to consult with your GP before taking supplements.

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